In 2019, PEC Lighting was tasked with providing a safe and sustainable lighting solution for a school’s outdoor parking lot in Qatar. The school needed a lighting system that could guarantee sufficient brightness and ensure each parking space was adequately illuminated, automatically adjust brightness according to ambient light, and withstand harsh weather conditions. PEC Lighting’s solution was its Herosun® series solar street light.

The Herosun® series solar street light is a slim design, high brightness solar product that can be easily integrated into any outdoor area. With its double-arm installation method, it could meet the lighting needs of this school’s outdoor parking lot. Its 12000 lumens brightness can reach a height of 12 meters and a width of 54 meters, providing ample lighting coverage.

This solar street light is equipped with a light sensor that can automatically adjust brightness according to ambient light and a PIR induction function that can sense moving objects within an 8-meter diameter, automatically adjusting the brightness to save energy. Its integrated aluminum anti-hurricane frame has a super anti-breaking ability and excellent anti-corrosion ability. Plus, with IP65 level waterproof and IK08 anti-collision, it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Installation is a breeze, as the Herosun® series solar street light is solar-powered and requires no wiring. Its automatic alarm function can detect and alert automatically when parts are found to be damaged, making it easy to maintain. It can be managed via cell phone or computer for easy management and high flexibility.

The successful application of Herosun® series solar street lights in this Qatar project fully demonstrates the professionalism, practicality, and reliability of PEC Lighting’s products. The school staff was pleased with the improved lighting environment in the parking lot and commended the slim design integrated solar luminaire’s beauty and ease of installation. PEC Lighting looks forward to providing more schools, communities, and enterprises with high-quality, low-energy consumption solar street light solutions to contribute to building a better society.