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Stellar® Series Solar Panels 380-400W Mono

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Stellar® is a high-performance solar panel designed to deliver maximum energy output for on-grid solar applications. With 72 mono-crystalline cells and a power output of 380-400W, Stellar® has an efficiency rating of 20.17% – the highest in the industry. Its robust construction and tolerance of 0~+5W ensure consistent power output, while its eco-friendly design and PlD-free cells make it a sustainable choice for clean energy production.

  • 72 cells for maximum energy output
  • Mono-crystalline cells for superior performance
  • Power output of 380-400W for high energy yield
  • Efficiency of 20.17% – the highest in the industry
  • Tolerance of 0~+5W for guaranteed power output
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Introducing Stellar®, the robust solar panel designed to revolutionize the way you harness solar energy. At PEC Solar, we have meticulously crafted each module with 72 solar cells that can be used for on-grid solar applications. Our state-of-the-art design and production techniques ensure that every module produced is of the highest quality and delivers a long-term, high-yield performance.

With five instead of three bus bars, Stellar® has been engineered to deliver more efficient current collection, improving long-term performance and durability. Our innovative junction formation technology, which is standard in semiconductor manufacturing, allows for improved minority carrier lifetimes and ensures a very tight distribution of cell performance during manufacturing. In addition, Stellar® cells are PlD-free, further increasing cell efficiency and delivering an average module power distribution that surpasses industry standards.

At PEC Solar, quality control is our top priority. We have rigorous testing facilities and in-house quality control measures in place to guarantee that every Stellar® module meets the highest quality standards possible. With our unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, you can trust Stellar® to be your reliable source of clean energy.

Stellar® is more than just a solar panel – it’s a game-changer. As a leading name in the solar industry, PEC Solar has combined cutting-edge technology with advanced manufacturing techniques to produce a solar panel that is built to last.

With its novel junction formation technology and superior performance characteristics, Stellar® delivers a significant improvement in efficiency, reliability, and longevity. Its PlD-free cells increase module power distribution, allowing you to harness more energy than ever before. Whether you’re looking to power your home, office, or industrial facility, Stellar® has the power to meet your needs.

At PEC Solar, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality solar products that are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective. Our meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality control measures ensure that every Stellar® module is built to exceed industry standards.


  • Robust construction for long-term durability
  • Resistant to weather and environmental factors
  • Low carbon footprint for eco-friendly energy production
  • Compatible with on-grid solar applications
  • Meticulously designed and produced for consistent performance
  • Quality control measures in place to ensure highest quality standards
  • PlD-free cells for increased efficiency and sustainability

Experience the power of Stellar® and harness the full potential of solar energy. With its superior performance and high efficiency, Stellar® is the ideal choice for any on-grid solar application.

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