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LED Panel Lumen Series 60x60cm Eco

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Introducing Lumen® by PEC Lighting – the ultimate LED panel for those who demand the best. Our ECO Series panel packs a powerful 40W punch, is built to last with an IP20 rating, and offers a stunning color temperature for natural and vibrant lighting. Experience the pinnacle of quality LED lighting technology with Lumen® – the perfect solution for professional offices, high-end retail stores, and elegant homes.

  • 40W Power
  • 4000 Lumens
  • Eco Series
  • Built-in driver technology
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LED Panel 60x60cm 40W by PEC Lighting represent the pinnacle of premium LED panel lighting. They offer an unparalleled blend of style, durability, and performance that sets a new standard for excellence.

Firstly, PEC Lighting’s Eco Series Lumen® panel provides a robust yet efficient lighting solution, expertly crafted to deliver unmatchable clarity and brightness. Boasting an impressive 40W output, this panel emits a vibrant luminosity with an IP20 rating to ensure resilience for many years to come.

Moreover, PEC Lighting is dedicated to supplying clients with premier LED technology and sustainably sourced, energy-efficient products. With the Lumen® panel, we have created a fixture that achieves all this and more with striking aesthetics and cutting-edge design.

In conclusion, LED Panel 60x60cm 40W by PEC Lighting represents the height of high-performance LED lighting. It delivers an inimitable blend of sophistication, eco-friendly technology, and enduring luminescence to transform any setting.

Experience unparalleled quality and distinction with the Lumen® LED panel. PEC Lighting – illuminating spaces better.


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