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LED Floodlight Stadium

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Introducing the “Stadium” LED Floodlight series – a powerful lighting solution designed to illuminate spaces of all sizes. With wattage options ranging from 10W to 400W, these floodlights offer versatility for various applications.

  • Versatile Wattage Range: From 10W to 400W, find the perfect fit for any space.
  • Dual Color Temperatures: Opt for the brightness of 6000K or the warmth of 4000K to suit your desired atmosphere.
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Introducing our “Stadium” LED Floodlight series – a comprehensive range extending from 10W to a formidable 400W. These floodlights serve as potent sources of illumination, suitable for diverse applications ranging from modest backyard spaces to expansive sports arenas.

What sets these floodlights apart is their dual color temperature options – 6000K and 4000K. The 6000K variant emits a bright, crisp, and clear white light, making it an excellent choice for enhancing visibility in large outdoor areas or sports fields. Meanwhile, the 4000K option produces a warmer, softer light, creating a welcoming and comfortable ambiance for various settings.

The “Stadium” series provides a customizable lighting solution, allowing you to tailor the brightness and ambiance to suit the specific requirements of your space. Whether it’s a small-scale application or a grand arena, these floodlights offer versatility and control.

Elevate your lighting experience with the “Stadium” LED Floodlights – powerful, adaptable, and user-friendly. Illuminate your surroundings with precision and style using these bright and customizable floodlights.


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